Renee Zellweger’s back? Wait … who the heck…

Renee Zellweger, who’s performances in Reality Bites, Empire Records, Cold Mountain, Chicago, and Jerry Maguire I loved, is back in the spot light. But not so much for her upcoming film The Whole Truth.

It’s because she doesn’t look like Renee Zellweger any more. Okay, I know people can change in five years … but they don’t tend to be unrecognizable when they come back.

Have you read my rant about how our culture is obsessed with looking young and denying that the process of aging is incurable? Or the one where I point out that no one can look perfect all the time and expecting our celebrities (our female ones especially) to be red carpet ready all the time is stupid?

This isn’t about that.

If Zellweger wanted to get something lifted, tucked or tightened, okay. That’s a hazard of our appearance obsessed culture that is especially harsh on women in the spotlight, and she probably has the money to afford all the medical hoodoo and personal trainers she could ever want to maintain her looks.

It’s that she looks different enough from the Renee Zellweger that when a coworker showed some of us the article on her smartphone, we thought that the press had used the wrong picture. She has said she’s happy that she looks different, and as my mother has observed, it’s her face she can do whatever she wants with it.

But, I’m going to miss her original face.

That was the face I watched all through high school, college and into my adulthood. I’ve seen that face for the majority of my life. That face was the face of characters that made me squeal with laughter, cheer when they found their confidence, and cry with them.

It was a beautiful face without fitting into conventional standards of Hollywood beauty. So, yeah. I’m going to miss Renee Zellweger’s face.


Gamer Gate? Seriously?

To be absolutely honest, I would never have heard of Zoe Quinn if the so-called “GamerGate” hadn’t come up on my twitter and facebook feeds. Because two men I respect and find amusing brought it up or replied to others in their posts. I never would have heard about Anita … I can’t even remember her last name much less how to spell it. That woman making all the really good points and critical observations on Feministfreqency over on YouTube.

But here’s the thing. Spreading the personal information, addresses, locations, financial information, and phone numbers of other people all over the internet … this Doxxing crap? It’s a crime. Making threats of rape and murder? That’s a crime. That’s terrorism.

Here’s what it boils down to: So what if Zoe cheated on her former boyfriend? That’s between her, her ex, and whoever else. If you weren’t having sex with her, it isn’t your business. If you were, that’s none of my business. And if you’re going to start screaming “journalistic integrity” how about screaming it at the journalist instead of the game developer? Oh, and before you start pointing out all the real celebrities who’ve had their personal lives splashed across the media? I don’t care, that’s none of my business either.

So what if you don’t agree with Anita’s observations on her YouTube videos? You’re allowed to disagree, you’re more than welcome to offer a different viewpoint, but calling people crude names and threatening violence, especially sexual violence, is really just proving that she isn’t wrong.

If you can’t figure out a way to express your disagreement in a mature manner, well, it’s only ever going to come off as you being a twelve year old stomping his feet in the middle of the arcade screaming that girls aren’t allowed to play after your high score got wiped out by someone in pigtails and a Hello Kitty tee-shirt.

Y’know what, though? Half of all the people playing video games in the US are female. Some of us have been gaming since we had to beg our parents to give us our allowance in quarters and give us a ride to the nearest arcade so we could spend the entire roll on a beat ’em up or a shoot ’em up game.

We have been here just as long as you have. Playing video games, reading comic books, watching Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who, and collecting dice for table top RPGs and action figures.

We have as much right to enjoy and create and even criticize games and game culture as you do. That goes for the act of being a nerd and/or geek in general, actually.

And we aren’t leaving.

So go make your own sandwich, we’re busy.

Shocking Pics of Stars without Make up!

… The hell is so shocking about that? No one wears make up all the time. Not even famous people. And has anyone else noticed that all of these “stars” shocking the world by venturing out in public without cosmetics on are all women?

Now, I’ve had my little rant about why I don’t usually wear make up. I’m pretty sure that the same applies to the actresses and other celebrities that articles like that are about. More so even. After all, who is going to do a full on Hollywood glam make up job just to take their kid to the part? To hit a coffee shop or a deli? To pick their kid up from school or to run into a store for something to have for dinner? Somebody explain to me why a woman jogging or walking her dog without her face slathered in cosmetics is so shocking?

Perhaps the shocking thing is that I’m apparently a member of the minority that does not care what celebrities get up to in their private lives. Unless they’re an actor that does something utterly, mind bendingly, stupid and/or insane that makes the news, I Do Not Care. Really, even then I have a difficult time caring unless it’s something that creeps me out to the point where I’m no longer able to watch their work without a voice in my head going “this is the guy that jumped on Oprah’s couch about how much he loved a girl half his age” or “this is the guy that drunkenly rage-screamed multiple offensive things at a female police officer” and of course “this is the guy that tried to beat his more famous girlfriend in public”. That stuff bothers me more that “this is a guy that got caught with a transexual hooker”.

But apparently for the rest of the world it’s “a famous woman left her house looking less than perfect! HOW DARE SHE!”

Seriously? This is the mindset that our world operates under.

This is the thinking that makes men feel like they’re owed a beautiful woman, and then the ones who don’t receive one, naked on a silver platter, piss and moan about how we’re all whores, sluts and gold-diggers that don’t look twice at “nice guys”.

This is the thinking that leads to crap like that entitled little turd in Santa Barbara killing people because he couldn’t get laid even driving a Mercedes and with all the money his daddy has.

I do so hate to be the one to point this out… No, wait, I’m lying and I really shouldn’t do that. I love being the one to point this out.

Women don’t owe men squat.

We don’t owe it to you to look pretty at all times. Not even if we’re famous.

We don’t owe it to you to passively accept it when you shout things at us on the street.

We certainly don’t owe you sex just because you behave toward us with common decency. Or even because you bought us a drink, or picked up the check at dinner.